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Touch of Class Dance Studio

About Us

Mission Statement
It is the purpose of Touch of Class Dance Studio to provide quality dance education to children and adults in a manner which will develop technical ability and personal self-esteem. In order to accomplish this end result, it is necessary that all students, regardless of their age or level of proficiency, be treated with equal care and consideration.

Statement of Purpose
Every teacher employed at the studio will be mandated to constantly upgrade their own dance and teaching skills and new teachers will be required to complete the teacher training course which was specifically designed for our organization. Consequently, the dance skills and styles taught at the studio will be continually updated, and the methods of teaching will be fresh and original.
In addition to the care afforded the student in the actual class, it is necessary that the administrative staff be attentive and caring to both students and parents. It is the responsibility of the office personnel to be attuned to the needs of the studio in a supportive nature and to make the management aware of the problems and concerns of the clients.

Both teaching and support personnel should work together to provide an environment which is conducive to learning. Touch of Class students should be able to to come to class knowing that they are our only concern for the few hours during which they are present. No one student or class should be more important than the other, and professionalism will be afforded both the pre-school and the pre-professional by all employees. In conclusion, the “Touch of Class” experience should be one that enhances the student’s life. Whether they study at the studio for only one year, or hopefully continue their education for a lengthy period, the student should be positively influenced by both the quality of training provided, and caring manner in which it is delivered.